What is Homestay?

Homestay is when a student or students live in your home seven days per week. International students are placed with families and welcomed as a member of the household.

As a host, it is expected that you will provide the student with conversation and a furnished room which contains a bed, linen, wardrobe, drawers, desk, chair and lamp. Two meals per day - breakfast and dinner Monday to Friday. Three meals on the weekend. Breakfast is self serve and it is expected that the host will prepare the evening meal. Students should also have access to snack foods just like any other member of the household. All utilities are included such as water, electricity and gas. Internet and telephone fees are NOT included.

To become a host

  • An interview and home visit with a Home stay co-ordinator
  • Working with children check for all members of the family 18 and over
  • A signed agreement between FHS and the host family to acknowledge that all parties understand their obligations.
To become a homestay host Register Your Interest Here.

Requirements as a host

  • Provide a safe, warm family environment with a genuine interest in the student.
  • Offer assistance to help the student adapt to the Australian Culture.
  • A clean, private bedroom - fully furnished with Wardrobe, bed, linen, desk, chair, lamp and chair.
  • Bedding for the student to be comfortable.
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • Two meals per day - breakfast and dinner Monday to Friday. Three meals on the weekend. Breakfast is self serve. Lunch on the weekend is also self serve.
  • Telephone - have a landline available - not to be used for mobile or international calls. Students should be encouraged to use a phone card or their mobiles.
  • Internet - (this is not a necessity however hosts should consider providing this facility)
  • Be convenient to public transport. Students should not have to travel more than 30-40 minutes to school.
  • To take their student to school at least once (& return) using public transport. Ideally this should be done on the first day of school. However other suitable arrangements may be made if this is not possible.
  • Be understanding, flexible and caring in their interaction with the student/s.
  • To adhere to host family guidelines and regulations
  • To follow homestay regulations as set out by schools/colleges and universities.
  • To provide true and accurate information and notify FHS of any changes within the living arrangements or infringements received that will affect caring for an International student.