Host's Frequency Asked Questions

What is the distance that I have to be to a University/College?
As close to public transport as possible - Usually anything under a 10 minute walk is acceptable. A 30 minute journey or less is most desirable for the students.
How do I apply?
First we ask that you and any other household member 18 years and over have a current working with children's card. Then it is as simple as contacting our office to arrange for one of our friendly staff to come to your home and meet with you and build a profile to match the right students into your family.
How long does this process take from the time I apply to the time I can receive my first student?
This varies. Sometimes this can be immediately and in other cases can take a few weeks. We endeavour to place a student with you as soon as possible.
How long does the student stay at my home?
Most initial placements are for a 4 week period unless specified differently such as some special bookings, study tour groups or underage students who may stay until they turn 18 years old. Or study tour groups.
What do I do after the first 4 weeks if the student wishes to extend?
You will need to communicate with our office to advise that your student is staying with you.
What if the student is going on holiday?
The holiday holding fee is usually $16 per day. Depending on the school your student is attending and their age - they may need a holiday booking form signed by the host and the school.
What happens when the student arrives into Melbourne? Do I have to pick them up from the airport?
Most of the time we arrange the student to be delivered straight to your door via an airport reception company. You will be informed on the approximate time that the student will be at your home and you need to be home to greet them.
What name should my student call me?
Generally in Australia we are called by our Given names.
What do I do if my students says they are leaving?
The student needs to give you 2 weeks' notice that they are going to vacate. Please inform our office immediately when this occurs.
Do I have to give the students a key?
Yes, you definitely have to supply the students with a key. The key is to be returned to you when the student vacates.
How many meals per day do I have to provide?
Two meals per day. Breakfast and dinner Monday to Friday, and three meals on the weekend. Breakfast may be self serve (meaning the student will use all your ingredients and prepare their own breakfast and lunch). The evening meal must be prepared by the host. Some snacks should also be provided for the student as well as fresh fruit.
My student wants to stay over at a friend's house overnight. Are they allowed?
If the student is over-age (over 18 years) they are allowed to stay over at friends homes. If the student is underage, you need them to have signed permission from the school.
What do I do if the student does not attend school?
Please contact our office and we will inform the school.
Do I need to teach my student how to get to school?
Yes, as part of their orientation to your home it is your responsibility to show your student how to get to school and back using public transport.
What do I do if I have a problem with my student?
Firstly you should discuss the issue with your student - if you cannot resolve the problem then please call our office and we will assist you to deal with the problem.
How much will I get paid?
The payments vary for each school. The schools/universities and colleges set the rates that the students are to pay. You will be informed the rate that you will receive via confirmation letter from our office.
Can I charge the student more for electricity, or utilities if my bills are high?
No, the rate of payment that you receive is inclusive of all utilities except telephone and internet.